About the Foundation

The Tom and Ethel Bradly Foundation was founded in 2002 with the purpose of creating community based solutions to both social and socioeconomic issues through the promotion and practice of Intentional Civility. Envisioned as a core philosophy from which to launch community-based programs, the focus of intentional Civility is to provide a philosophical basis that will assist individuals, communities and institutions in coming together to create community-based solutions to both social and socioeconomic issues. Intentional Civility is designed to provide individuals with tools of both personal introspection and social interaction and communication that will lead to individual self-actualization and an intentional focus on one's responsibilities to the larger social community of which we are a part.


A Legacy of Civility

The TEB Foundation is defined by the exemplary actions of Tom and Ethel Bradley's 20 year journey as the  Mayor and First Lady of Los Angeles. 

A year of research by the Bradley Family, Dr. Lewis King and Gregory Franks resulted in the creation of the Foundation with the mission to carry on their legacy of civility and help to build the capacity of communities and institutions to solve their own problems through the practice of Intentional Civility as outlined by Dr. Lewis King.

The TEB Foundation has a history of accomplishment with many organizations and institutions since it's founding, working with a variety of non-profits, schools and universities to promote civility among our citizens.

TEB Foundation Leadership


Gregory Franks
CEO Emeritus

Charmaine Jefferson
President / Kelan Resources
Strategic Consultant for TEB Foundation's Fund Development

Lewis King PhD
Intentional Civility
Curriculum Development



David Cunningham
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cunningham family this holiday Season. Best wishes for the New Year.


Jan Perry


Robert Farrell

Board of Directors
2017 - 2018

Lorraine Bradley
Phyllis Bradley
Gregory Franks
Larry Alquist
Tavis Smiley
Reverend Cecil Murray
Ernestine Nettles
David Cunningham
Jan Perry
Ralph Dawson
Ricardo Mendoza
Robert Farrell
Katherine Koyanagi
Ron Schultz
Mone Swann

~  In Memory Of  ~
The TEB Foundation

Ethel Bradley
Guy Crowder
Willis Edwards
Curtis Owens
Stanley K. Sheinbaum
Marie Weiner

Board Members of The Past

Rabbi Allen Freehlind
Reverend Cecil Murray
Tracy Rice
Tavis Smiley
Norma Williams

Lorraine Bradley
Phyllis Bradley
Lewis King
Larry Alquist
Linda Anderson
Connie Cheppel

Corporate Supporter

When it comes to conducting business, big businesses are becoming aware of the importance of virtue, values and civility. With civility as the organizing idea of the TEB Foundation, it is only natural that there would be a marriage between the foundation and Southern California Edison, which has become the largest single financial contributors to the foundation.

An Edison International Company,  Southern California Edison is one of the largest electricity providers in Southern California. With an ethnically and culturally diverse customer base of 13 million, SCE has one of the largest concentrations of non-English speaking residents. SCE has maintained a ranking in Fortune magazine's annual list of the Top 50 Companies in America for ethnic minorities, due to its emphasis on diversity strategies, operational goals and accountability. This strategy is in step with the mission of the TEB Foundation.

 Southern California Edison recognizes that partnerships, collaborations and civic participations are fundamental in order to bring about sustainable social change. This is why  Southern California Edison has partnered with the TEB Foundation to help carry the message on Intentional Civility throughout the community.